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Trims for Aquabord and PVC panels


Available finishing options for Aquabord panels


(i) the website shows trims that can be used for external corners for the PVC panels. Are external corner trims also available for the Aquaboard range?(ii) what would be the recommended way of finishing off the cut edge of a panel when it butts up against a shower door or doorframe etc?(iii) is there a recommended way of dealing with a recessed window, preferably so the wall panels can line the recess and fit right up to the window itself (as the tiles do currently) ? (iv) are there any stockists of the PVC and Aquaboard panels in the London area so I can see what the panels look like in situ? Thank you


  • Written By Alan
    Hi Lesley, Please find answers below:(i) we do offer plant on external corners (19 x 19mm) for our Aquabord panels. Colours available at the moment are: white, black, silver, slate grey and coral.(ii) a two-part Aquabord edge trim would be suitable for this. The back section is fitted first, and the front section is only clipped in after the panels are in place.(iii) for the recessed window you could line the recess and install the panels right up to the window like you say, and then it could be finished off around the recess with the plant-on external angle in (i). A two-part internal angle could be used on the internal angles within the recess (or alternatively silicone these areas).(iv) we do not have any stockists in London, but we do deliver nationwide, and samples / brochures / installation guides can be posted out.
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