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How do you fix the corners for a 3 Wall shower kit?


How do you fix the corners for a 3 Wall shower kit?


I’ve watched the video for installing pvc aqua panels around a two sided shower enclosure. If you have three sides do you fix both the corner trims in the same way & will the panel fix between them. Will the panel then slide in or do you fix one corner trim to the panel first?


  • Written By Alan Matchett

    Hi Paul, thanks for the question.

    You're right it can be tricky with a 3 wall Aquabord shower kit, as the panels are rigid and don't have enough bend in the panel to be able to get it into both corners if they are already fixed in place.

    The trick with the corners is to fit the 1st corner as shown, then as you are about to put the back panel into the corner you have just fitted, you attach the second corner on to the panel and slot the panel and the 2nd corner into the 1st fixed corner at the same time. We suggest doing a dry run first (without the adhesive) to test that it will fit in place and once you are confident that it will, apply the adhesive and away you go.

    With the Proclad 3 wall shower kits, the corners are different as they only have one inlet. The trick with these panels is to fit the back panel first, then as you prepare to fix the side panels you slot the corner on to the end of the side panel and rest the curve of the corner on to the face of your already fixed back panel. 

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