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What do I need to add to the wall kit for my bathroom?


I am refitting my bathroom and want to use your Aquabord PVC T&G in Black Sparkle, I will require 4 boards but only 2 walls will be used, 1 board will be used on 1 wall while the other 3 will be used on other wall, 2 of these boards will be inside shower enclosure.


Can you tell me what I will need for this? i.e. 2 wall shower kit and 2 boards. And what extra trims, Cladseal and adhesives will be required? If everything is in stock how long will delivery be from when I order? Thanks, Gary.


  • Written By Dan
    Good morning Gary, thanks for your enquiry. From the sounds of things your best option is to order a 2-wall-shower kit, with the necessary additional items added on to your order so as to extend the kit coverage along your longer wall. You'd need two extra panels, one extra length of edge trim, and four more of our PU adhesive added to your order to get the job done. You won't need any more Cladseal if there's only two of the panels inside the shower enclosure, as the Cladseal is best used at the foot of the panels where they meet the shower tray, so you'd have a sufficient amount already in the kit. We do currently have all this in stock - delivery takes (on average) between two and five working days.
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