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We have a few questions about your Aquabord panels.


We are having a shower cubicle fitted to replace a bath. We're looking at using Aquabord for the shower area.


Is your Aquabord 100% waterproof? What is the material made of? How easy is it to cut for DIY? What is the delivery cost?


  • Written By Alan Matchett

    Hello there, many thanks for your question.

    "Is your Aquabord 100% waterproof?" - it certainly is. That's why we're happy to offer a ten year guarantee on all correctly installed projects.

    - "What is the material made of?" - all of our panels are made from uPVC plastic.

    - "How easy is it to cut for DIY?" - very straightforward to cut. Use a fine-toothed blade and make sure the panel is well-supported. Cut indoors at room temperature, with the panel face up for a hand or hack saw, or face down for an electric saw. We recommend some thing with at least 15 teeth per inch if hand or hack saw. For a jig saw use a blade with 1mm pitch or finer.

    - "What is the delivery cost?" - for orders over £100 the delivery charge is free.

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