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Attaching Shower Parts to Cladding


IPSL panels are designed for wall cladding but aren't intended to be load bearing, so we'd recommend that wherever possible you cut through them and attach heavy or load-bearing objects to the subwall underneath.


Hi, I am planning to clad a bathroom with Aquaboard pvc wide panels. Will it be OK to fit the shower valve and shower screen directly to cladding? Regards, John Barber


  • Written By Dan
    Hi John, it would depend on the weights involved. Our panels aren't designed to be load-bearing. If it's a screen which is only going to be attached to the panel vertically (and will most likely be supported horizontally by a bath shelf or shower tray underneath) then it wouldn't be a problem, but anything heavy like a shower unit, or load-bearing like a handrail, would likely pull on the panels and cause damage in the long term. For that reason, we'd always recommend that, wherever possible, you cut through the panels and attach weighty objects to the subwall underneath. As the subwall itself is the actual wall structure it will be better positioned to support the load (remember, our panels are for wall cladding - not wall forming!)
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