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What is the best substrate to fix panels to?


Essentially, you can attach our panels to any substrate, providing that it is flat and has no loose sections. Read on for more information.


What is the best substrate to stick panels to. Was thinking of using 12mm ply. - Paul


  • Written By Dan

    Hi Paul, thanks for your question. That would be absolutely fine. Basically, any substrate should be fine with our panels when using our adhesive - you'll get a good hold with any surface, provided it meets a few basic points.

    First, the area needs to be flat and dry. Any wall coverings - paper, film etc. - need to be removed (you want to stick the panels to the wall, not to a surface on the wall that might easily come off). If you're fixing onto tiles or anything similarly glossy, you may want to consider sanding them down to create a key for the adhesive.

    Lastly, we recommend that the subwall you choose is as solid and complete as possible - while some people might want to clad onto a stud/metal framework, although you might get a good hold, these panels are intended to clad walls and not form them, so we'd always recommend that your subwall is substantial enough to form a wall in its own right even before the panels are attached.

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