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Ceiling has been installed to create a void, can you help?


Ceiling has been installed to create a void


My lounge has been added as an extension 20-40 years ago. It is single storey with a flat roof in good condition. I replaced the two pendant ceiling lights and was astonished to find the 7' (175mm) screwdriver went up to the underside of the flat roof!! This therefore means that I have 7' of uninsulated ceiling void/space. It does not have access from the outside because of the 5 foot overhang. The room is 22 feet X 14 approx. Do you have any suggestions please?


  • Written By Alan
    Hi Bernard, this type of void is typical on a flat roof for the purpose of running services, so you don't actually need to do anything in this case. Insulation in the existing void is optional.
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