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What are the differences between Aquabord panels and Aquaclad panels?


Hi there, we used your 'Aquabord' shower kit in our shower a couple of years ago, we haven't had any problems. Our daughter has just bought a house and wants to use UPVC cladding (tongued and groove) in her shower (because it's cheaper). What is the difference between the Aquabord and Aquaclad.


What's the difference - if they are both 100% waterproof why use the more expensive Aquabords?


  • Written By Dan

    Both our Aquaclad panels and our Aquabord panels are 100% waterproof, and so you could use them in a shower area. However, the Aquaclad panels are lightweight, narrow tongue-and-groove panels that can be used on ceilings as well as walls. Because of their lightweight nature, they’re not as durable as our Aquabord or Proclad panels, so we would always recommend those for use in a shower area.

    The two different kinds of Aquabord panel we do – PVC tongue-and-groove, and Laminate – are both strong, durable and completely waterproof. The Laminate panels are slightly more durable, but it’s a difference that would most likely be untested by regular shower wear-and-tear: if you were to notice the higher quality strength of the Laminate panels, you’d be at the point of intentional damage. From regular bathroom usage, you’d be extremely unlikely to damage either kind of Aquabord panel.

    The patterns available in the two ranges are different; also, the Laminate panels are 1200mm wide whereas the PVC T&G Panels are 1000mm wide. So these are the differences that people consider when deciding which type they’d like to use.

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