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Do you have any panels that are taller than 2400mm (eight feet) for walls with high ceilings?


IPSL have a wide range of panels to suit all applications and environments. If yours is a particularly high ceiling, that's not a problem - we can help!


Could you please tell me is it possible to get wall panels higher than 2400mm, as our ceiling height is 2550mm. Look forward to hearing from you. - Mike


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Mike, many thanks for your question. Yes, we have several different options:

    Our Aquaclad narrow tongue-and-groove panels come in a wide variety of lengths, most of which are greater than 2550mm, so you'd be able to fill the entire wall height with a single panel (although you will need several to cover the width of the wall, but these panels join flush at the tongue-and-groove). See our Aquaclad range.

    Our Dumawall panels would also be a good fit for this solution, as you could join as many tiles together up the wall as needed to reach a particular height, while still getting a waterproof and durable easy-to-clean wall covering. See our Dumawall range.

    Lastly, our Proclad panel range is generally available in 8' panels (2440mm) but we can also supply 10' panels (3050mm) on request - just give us a call on 0114 279 9188.

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