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Does using a 'tanking' product affect installation of shower wall panels?


I am currently refurbishing a shower area, having removed all the old tiles and the plasterboard on all three shower walls. Thanks - Gordon


I am proposing to use shower wall panels instead of tiles. I have to replace the old plaster board and would like to know if I have to make any special preparations to the wall prior to installing your product. I am undecided whether to use a normal plasterboard covered with a 'tanking material' or a water repellent product such as Aquabord. If I was to use a 'tanking' product will this affect the installation of the wall panels?


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Gordon, many thanks for your question.

    You don't need to make any special preparations to the walls per se - so long as the subwall surface you're fixing the panels to is solid, flat, flush, plumb, dry and has no loose sections, then it doesn't really matter what material it is made of!

    You don't need to tank the plasterboard before you clad our panels to them, but if you do tank the plasterboard, then so long as you use our polyurethane adhesive, they will still stick without any issues.

    I'm no expert in waterproof tanking membrane, but I would confidently wager that using our Aquabord would result in a much more durable waterproof finish than simply using tanked plasterboard.

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