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Economy Wall Kit Queries


Existing shower cubicle has 3 sides 1000, 1150, 900 and height 2300. Walls are solid but slightly bowed top and bottom. Tiles are secure but glaze is in poor condition.


With the economy kit is it possible to supply an additional panel and corner?How much of a curvature would the edging strips be able to absorb?If this is available, what sort of price would this be? - Will


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Will, it sounds like it may work out more economically for us to quote you for a bespoke kit, which would include all the contents of the white 2-wall economy kit, as well as an extra panel, internal corner, and increased trim/adhesive as appropriate. For this, please feel free to give me a call on 0114 2799188 and I'll put together a quote for you. The panels in this kit are slightly more flexible than our regular Aquabord and T&G panels as they're not quite as thick, but in terms of absorbing curvature it would really depend on exactly how bowed the existing walls are; so long as we're talking nothing extreme I would be confident that our products would be up to the job.

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