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Fitting PVC cladding behind an electric cooker


Our panels are plastic, so very high temperatures for long periods of time generally aren't a great idea! Read on for further details.


Can PVC cladding be used in the kitchen for the wall behind an electic cooker? - Joanne


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Joanne, thanks for your question. We would generally recommend that you place a stainless steel panel where the panels face a hob or cooker, but with an electric cooker it would depend on the temperature levels that are reached behind the cooker. The heat itself shouldn't be a problem unless we are talking extremely high temperatures for prolonged periods of time, so domestic cooking is unlikely to warp the panels - however, potential splashback from hot oils and cooking fats will certainly do so, so if your electric cooker also has an electric hob on which you may be boiling or frying, then stainless steel will prevent any potential panel damage from taking place. If you don't anticipate that the heat behind the cooker will be too great then you should be OK - however I'd be wary as I'm assuming the cooker will be pushed back to the wall so the heat will be 'trapped' as it were. You might be best using our cladding all around the kitchen wall but leaving the part immediately behind the cooker un-clad.

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