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Some questions about fitting IPSL's wall panels onto a new plasterboard surface


I've just spent the day ripping out our shower unit, removing the tiles and plaster board behind it which was sodden. Having tracked down the problems (leaky mixer tap, and cracked grouting), I am looking to replace it once everything dries out, so I have several questions below. I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks, Scott


1. I need to replace the plaster board which was attached to a timber frame. Is there a specific type you would recommend, or is there a better material to use, given the moisture factor? 2. I had considered the Aquabord panels, but the price is putting me off. Just how different are the PVC panels? I don't necessarily need the most luxurious, but I do need it to be watertight, and I guess, not look too shiny/cheap! 3. The shower unit would require 3 panels (2 x 85cm wide, and 1 x 75cm wide). Given that the panels are 1200mm wide, and pricey, it would seem like I'd be paying for something that I only need 2/3rds of. Are there narrower options, or custom kits? 4. What lead time would you need following placing an order for it to be delivered?


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Scott,

    Many thanks for your questions. I’ll try and answer them in turn as best I can:

    1: I’m sorry but I’m not in a position to advise you with regards to plasterboard types. What I do know is that you want both the plasterboard and the timber battens to be completely dry, but it sounds like you’re letting everything dry out, so you have that covered. So long as the subwall surface (in this case the plasterboard) is dry, flat, solid and has no loose sections, then you should have no problems cladding our panels to it.

    2. The PVC Aquabord panels aren’t too different to the Laminate Aquabord in terms of application – they’re both very durable, but the PVC panels are 1000mm wide as opposed to 1220mm. The PVC Aquaclad panels are just as waterproof, but a little less durable than the two Aquabord types. You can see a guide to the differences between our full range of panels by clicking here.

    3. I’m afraid we can’t cut any of the panels down to size at this end for you. All our products would be delivered in the size advertised.

    4. There’s generally a two to four working day lead time on orders, depending on the product(s) you need to order, and where you need them sending to – highlands or islands deliveries might incur a longer lead time. We generally try and get deliveries on our own transport wherever possible, but if doing so would lead to an unreasonable wait then we’d put your order out for delivery with a parcel carrier.

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