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How can I fix grab rails and handles through your panels?


I work for people with physical disabilities and this entails recommending fitting grab rails to shower walls. A housing project I am involved with is installing new showers with shower boarding.


1. Can you fix a grab rail to shower board panels and if so how to you make it secure?2. Would it be better in a new build to install tiles or shower boarding?


  • Written By Alan
    We recommend that anything that needs fixing to the wall panels gets fixed right through the panels and into the substrate behind the panels. If the fixings are to be screwed very tightly then holes the panels need to have spacers inserted so that the panels do not crack or compress under load. Appropriate fixings and spacers should be available in any good hardware store.Panels have several advantages over tiles - they don't use grout so require less maintenance over the years, they are softer under impact than tiles, and they are certaintly easier to install than tiles. Hope this helps.
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