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How do I fit the Proclad corner trim?


I recently purchased Proclad panels, plus trims. Now it's time to fit and I need some advice on fitting the corner trim - Jonathan


I'm fitting Proclad corner trim. There is only one slot in the trim, for one Proclad panel. How does the other panel fit to the trim? Possibly the trim fits to the wall on the slot side and the panel fits to the wall behind the trim on the other side? Please advise.


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Jonathan, many thanks for your query.

    (See here for a picture of the trim Jonathan is referring to.)

    The other panel you refer to would be the one you fit first. Fit the first panel, then the second panel would be the one you slot into the space on the trim. You can either fit the corner trim first, with the flat side (i.e. the non-slot side) attached to the already-fixed panel using silicone, and then slot the next panel into the trim slot when you come to fix that panel with adhesive. Alternatively, as the trim slot is made to match the side of the Proclad panels, you can simply slide the trim onto the edge of the unfitted panel, and then fix the entire piece using adhesive.

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