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How to install ceiling panels?


This FAQ will explain how to install our ceiling panels in a bathroom, shower room or kitchen - anywhere really! It's very straightforward to do so. The main thing is to make sure the ceiling you're fitting to can be screwed into.


I am think of installing aqua ceiling panels in our shower room. How is this done? - Samantha


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Samantha, installing our ceiling panels is simple. You mention 'aqua ceiling panels' - I'm not sure what you're referring to, but if it's our Aquabord, or our Aqua coloured Proclad, then you'd probably be best avoiding these particular products for a ceiling - the easiest panels to install as ceiling panels are our Aquaclad narrow tongue-and-groove panels.

    These are narrower and lighter than the other kinds and can be fit without using adhesive (which is obviously more difficult to fit to a ceiling as you'll need to hold the panel in place for a long period of time while the adhesive keys). The best way to fit these is to use screws, so make sure that your ceiling can be screwed into. If this isn't possible, consider fitting wooden battens first that can be screwed into.

    When you put the first panel up, screw into the groove section. Then, when you slide the tongue of the next panel into place, it'll cover up the head of the screw. (If you're using battens, run the panels in the opposite direction so as to screw into them where they cross over.)

    If you're planning on using coving or edge trim, this should go up beforehand along three sides of the ceiling (assuming the room has four walls) - you'll need the last one 'open' in order to get the panels in. Use adhesive to fix the trim. Because you're screwing the panels in, the coving won't be load-bearing. For the last length of coving, you'll want to cut the back section off (i.e. the part that usually clips around the panel) and stick it in place onto the panel using the adhesive.

    If you have any further questions regarding fitting our ceiling panels, please feel free to give me a call on 0114 279 9188.

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