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Is the silver quadrant the best finish for ceiling panels?


I want to buy Classico white and silver panels to cover my 2m x 2m ceiling. I am confused about what is best to use for the edge trim.


From your instructions it seems using the quadrant gives the best finish, is this correct and how does it attach? Just glue straight on on after ceiling has been put up or do you have to modify the rear profile? Also when I click to buy the silver quadrant it doesn't seem to work?


  • Written By Dan
    Hi Ben, thanks for your question. Using a quadrant will give you a very nice finish but as to whether it is the best available is really a personal preference - some people prefer to go with our coving. If you go with the quadrant, you would fit it with adhesive to the surface after the panels have been fitted. If you're using it as a cove the quadrant will need to be mitred by 45 degrees.
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