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Wall panels for keeping walls dry & mould-free


We currently have a problem with dampness/mould in our bathroom. We are looking to get wall panels all round the bathroom to keep moisture off the wall, and keep the dampness out. Any advice is much appreciated, as we do not know what to do anymore!


Would wall panelling be a good idea to help with our situation? - Kayleigh


  • Written By Dan
    Hi Kayleigh. We would certainly recommend our panels in this situation, as they're completely waterproof when fit and come with a 10 year guarantee. If the cause of the mould/damp is exposure to moisture from within the bathroom, then these panels would prevent that (although you would need to dry out the walls completely before attaching the panels). However, if the source of the damp is coming from behind the walls, then fitting these panels will only trap the problem and make it much harder to treat, so you need to be sure that the problem is caused by bathroom moisture and not any moisture from within or behind the wall itself.
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