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Best way to level flooring before laying Aquafloor?


I put some new wooden floorboards down but as they are metric and the adjoining existing ones are imperial measurements there are some uneven parts of the floor . Whats the best way to solve this?


I'm fitting aquafloor on wooden floorboards where I have replaced some boards. As they are metric and the others imperial this has given around 2mm or slightly more unevenness. What's the best way to level: underlay or use a levelling compound? - John


  • Written By Dan
    Hi John. 2mm is the tolerance limit over a span of 4 feet, so if the subfloor is uneven over 2mm (1/16") then you'll need to sand down or level the floor with a floor leveller. You could also use underlay - whichever method works best for you, so long as the subfloor is flat, dry, clean and solid before you lay the aquafloor down.
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