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Fixing panels / profiles for sloped and awkward ceilings


If you're looking to use our panels on awkward angles (e.g. sloped surfaces, ceilings under a pitched roof) then there's a few different solutions to get a waterproof finish - read below.


I am looking to put ceiling board in my bathroom, however it is on the corner of the first floor of the house with the roof space above. The ceiling slopes both ways with the eaves coming below the level of the ceiling, and goes both ways in the corner. How can I fix the board and cover up the cut edges? Are there any profiles for this sort of job? - David


  • Written By Dan

    Hi David, thanks for your question. Yes, there are a few solutions available.

    The first is to use our Silver Flexi Corner, which can be used for obtuse angles (corners at angles between 90° to 180°). We also have a white glue-on cover strip called Flex Angle - this isn't on our website, but you can order some/add some to your order by giving us a call.

    If you're using our Aquaclad wall panels or any panels from our ceiling panel collection, these aren't solid all the way through, but a fluted box section. You could clad over a corner angle with the panel by making an incision down the length of the back of the panel and running it directly onto the wall over the angle.

    Hopefully these ideas will help, but if you're still not sure, feel free to give us a call on 0114 279 9188.

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