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Which of your panels would be suitable for cladding the walls of a steam room?


Any of our panels would be suitable for this application, so long as the temperature within the steam room doesn't go above 60° centigrade.


We are creating a steam room at home and would like some advice on suitable wall and ceiling panels. Which are suitable for high temperatures in a steam room? The walls are currently new block work and existing plastered exterior walls. The location of the room is on the ground floor. Thanks - Richard


  • Written By Dan

    Many thanks for your question, Richard. Any of our panels should be able to cope with the demands of a steam room, provided that the environmental temperature within does not exceed 60°c (most steam rooms are set at temperatures below this level so I would think you should be OK). So long as those walls are flat, flush, solid and dry, then you'll be able to use our Polyurethane (PU) adhesive to clad the panels directly to the wall. I would recommend you look at our Proclad panels for our most cost-effective solution for cladding these walls in your steam room - the white or pastel coloured Proclad panels come 8' x 4' (2440mm x 1220mm) and so would give you a good amount of coverage for a very reasonable price.

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