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Proclad Aquabord Kit Queries


Questions relating to our Proclad Aquabord range - see below.


1. Hi, just to confirm the sheets are 2400mm tall and 1220mm wide?2. These sheets are just fixed using adhesive to plaster wall?3. How durable is the surface, cleaning etc.?4. How much is delivery?5. What is best method of cutting?- Stephen


  • Written By Alan
    Hi Stephen,1. It depends on which range you opt for - the Aquabord Laminate panels are 2400 x 1200mm, and the Aquabord PVC are 2400 x 1000mm. Both ranges are available in 2 or 3 wall kits.2. Yes - so long as the surface is smooth and does not have any loose areas it will attach to plaster wall without any problems. We recommend our Proclad adhesive for attaching the panels.3. The surfaces are extremely durable and very straightforward to clean.4. This would depend on the quantity of your order. The standard minimum charge is £25.5. We recommend using a fine tooth saw (hand or electric) making sure the panel is well supported. Low temperatures can make the panels more brittle, so allow time for the panels to acclimatise to your room's temperature.
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