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Proclad trim and fitting questions


Hi, I've just ordered a sample of your Proclad Powder panel. I'm intending to panel the 3 walls in my shower alcove. I have a few queries I hope you can answer below.


1. I noticed that the internal corner for Proclad Powder is different from, say, Proclad Dark Cherry and doesn't look like it will be an effective water barrier for the joint. Is this just a mistake with the image? Otherwise, please can you explain how the internal corner should be fixed on to the panels? 2. Do you have any metal internal corners e.g chrome etc. for use with Proclad panels? 3. Do have trims for where the Proclad panels meet the shower tray? 4. Please can you tell me how much adhesive and sealant I will need for panelling the 3 walls (1200mm x 2040mm, 2040mm x 700mm and 2400mm x 700mm). Many thanks - Adam.


  • Written By Dan
    Hello Adam, thanks for your query. You are correct in that the trims for our pastel colour panel range (Aqua, Creme, Dusk and Powder) are different from the trims for our bold colour panel range, but both kinds will give you a 100% waterproof finish when fitted. The corner for the Powder panels is a plant on right angle trim i.e. once both panels have been fitted, you would attach this trim to the corner above the panels, fixing it using silicone. I'm afraid we don't do any metallic/chrome trims for any of our panels - we used to provide a similar product but we had problems with the trim covering peeling and so stopped stocking these. We do have a trim for where the panel meets a shower tray - we use a product called Cladseal, which you can find on our website under the Trims for PVC Wall Panels section. This would be fitted underneath the panels (i.e. before they're put on the walls) and would also give you a 100% waterproof finish. Finally, we'd recommend that you use two tubes of our PU (polyurethane) adhesive per panel, and go for 100% adhesive coverage on the wall section you wish to clad (apply the adhesive to the wall area and then push the panels into place).
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