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Removing old tiles and replacing bathroom using IPSL panels


I propose to replace my bathroom in the spring or summer and relocate the position of all items and install a separate shower cubicle. The walls would be lined with your 10mm wall panels instead of tiles. - Roger


1. When the old tiles are removed this will fetch most of the old plaster off the wall. Can I fix the new panels direct to the bare bricks or should I have a thin cement render applied first?2. I would like to fit a small wall hung wash basin, would you recommend that a solid spacer is inserted through the wall panel to prevent compression and sag of this item.3. Can you supply a wall panel without backing to match the bathroom wall panels as 1 wall has the door that I wish to panel to match the rest.4. Are the panels flexible as the staircase door to the bathroom level is so close to the stairs and steepish that a full panel 2400 x 1200 may need to be fed through diagonally and may be flexed to slide up the steps.


  • Written By Dan
    Hi Roger, thanks for your query. I'll try to answer your questions here but if you need more information you may be best giving us a call on 0114 279 9188. 1: with our adhesive you can fix our panels to any surface, providing that it is basically smooth and no parts are loose. So if you want to put it straight onto the bricks then you won't have any problems with that. If the current tiles are flat you could even fix the panels directly onto those. 2: yes. 3: I'm not sure what you mean 'without backing' as our panels are attached using adhesive. You apply the adhesive to the wall and then fit the panel as appropriate. You would be able to do the same on a flat door without any problems. 4: Our 10mm panels are not flexible enough to do this. However, there may be a trim that you could use to get the finish you require. A full list of our available trims can be seen on our website.
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