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Is it possible to replace wall panels?


You can take our panels off walls and replace them with new panels, but it's a tough job. See below for full details.


Is it possible to take old panels off and put new ones on please. Level of difficulty needed as novice at DIY. - Pamela


  • Written By Dan

    Hi Pamela, thanks for your question. I'm afraid I wouldn't be certain of the best way to approach this if the old panels you refer to are panels from another company/another product but assuming that they are IPSL panels: yes, this can be done, but it won't be easy! The reason we have a 10 year guarantee on our products is because they're made to last - if the panels were installed as recommended, then they'll be stuck fast to the subwall and will be very difficult to shift. They CAN be removed from the wall, but it will be a case of pulling/tearing them from the wall, breaking them up as you go. It may even be easier to clad the new panels on top of the existing ones! If you're a novice at DIY I'd recommend you seek the advice of a local fitter or joiner as it will probably be a fairly difficult task I'm afraid!

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