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Should I fit my Aquabord panels behind the bath, or am I better using the Cladseal for a waterproof join at the bath edge?


We would recommend using the Cladseal trim. This trim would be fitted first, and then the panel would be fixed to the wall sitting on this trim, giving a 100% waterproof join.


Hi, when installing Aquabord PVC panels around the bath, can you panel behind the bath down to the floor (possibly easier), or is it better to just cut to the bath wall height and use the Cladseal trim? Many thanks - Tony


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Tony, many thanks for your question.

    It would be better to cut to the bath height and use the Cladseal trim, as this trim will guarantee you a 100% waterproof, flexible joint. The trim can only do this if installed underneath the panel – i.e. you would fit this trim first, around the edges of the bath, and then install the panel onto it – and it wouldn’t give the same guaranteed joint if fitted after the panels.

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