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How do I fix the frame of the shower enclosure - to the panel, through the panel, or next to the panel?


I recently bought T&G 1000mm Aquabord for a new shower and enclosure from you.


Am I best fixing the shower enclosure frame uprights through the panel, or trimming the Aquabord to the inside edge of the shower enclosure? It is a 1700mm x 900mm shower tray with a steel enclosure frame with 10mm glass.


  • Written By Alan Matchett
    Hello Paul, You could fix the frame through the panel (i.e. cut or screw through into the subwall) or next to the panel, as you describe, by trimming the Aquabord short and then capping it off and fixing the frame to the substrate next to where the panel ends. Either approach will be fine - the main thing is that you affix the frame of any load-bearing parts to the substrate beneath the panel and not the face of the panel itself.
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