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Can you supply a kit to do this job?


I am looking to install a shower wall kit in a new house. The shower tray is 1200 X 760 and set in a alcove of those dimensions, so requiring 1 x 1200 and 2 x 760 panels.


Can you supply a kit to do this job?


  • Written By Alan
    Hello there, we certainly can provide a kit for a shower of this kind, but you may prefer to purchase separate panels and trims for a more tailor-made project that may work out to be better value.In terms of shower kits, our Aquabord 3 wall kits are extremely high quality. However with the 1000mm wide panel kits (tongue and groove), you will have to cut some of the panels and purchase extra joint trims in order to cover the 1200mm wall. With the laminate (1200mm) panel kits you will not have this problem, but you will have a large amount of panel left over once you've completed the job!You may prefer to purchase individual panel packs. Our Classico tongue and groove range of wall panels cover 1250mm per pack and are superb value. Three of these packs would suffice for your project and leave minimal waste, whilst being more economical than a full kit (even including the price of joint & edge trims, adhesive, cladseal etc.) If you are not sure exactly what you require, please feel free to give us a call on 0114 2799188 and one of our friendly staff will be able to give you a full quote.
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