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Can you put bathroom wall panels over tiles?


You can clad our panels onto existing tiles using our PU adhesive. The tiled section needs to be flat, solid, and dry.


Hello, Is it possible to fix the boarding over existing bathroom tiles, including around sink and shower enclosure. Thanks, Karen


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Karen, many thanks for your question. The answer is yes – you can clad our panels directly to tiles, so long as the wall surface you're looking to clad to is tiled all the way up.

    If the surface is only tiled part way up, then you'll have a 'lowered' section where there are no tiles. This wouldn't work. You have to attach our panels to a completely flat, flush surface. So you'd either have to remove the tiles, or 'fill in' the lowered section so it was level with the tiled section.

    If the wall area is completely tiled then you shouldn't have any problems, so long as there are no loose or missing tiles. If they're ceramic tiles that are particularly glossy you may be best served sanding them down first so as to help create a key for the adhesive.

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