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Can I use these shower panels for just one wall?


There's absolutely no reason why you couldn't clad just the one wall with any of our panels if you wanted. For the inside of a shower, you might want to consider cladding both walls around the shower (the wall the shower is fixed to, and the one it is adjacent to) for purposes of waterproofing, but if you only wish to do the one wall (perhaps you already have a waterproof solution on the other wall, or perhaps it's an aesthetic choice) then that wouldn't be a problem whatsoever.


I am looking at Proclad in Powder blue. I have tiles round my bath and would like to put this on just one wall at the foot of the bath where the shower is. I have a curved shower rail and curtain to go around the sides. Do you think this product would be suitable to do just the one wall? Thank you - Frances


  • Written By Dan

    Hi Frances, this wouldn't be an issue. For your shower, it sounds like the best thing to do would be to cut the panel to the size of the wall, and then use some of the same-colour edge trim all the way around to ensure the wall is completely waterproof and fix the panel to the wall using our adhesive.

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