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Should I fit the ceiling cladding before I sort my walls, or vice versa?


Ultimately, when installing both walls and ceiling on a project, it's usually easier to install the walls first simply so as to allow you to fix the decorative coving atop the installed walls. However, the individual circumstances of your project may determine whether or not this is viable.


Hello, I recently bought PVC ceiling cladding and trims from you. My question is can you tile your walls before you install the cladding or is it easier to fit the cladding before tiling? Be great to hear back, thanks - Lee


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Lee, many thanks for your question. It shouldn't really make too much of a difference to be honest - whichever order would be easiest for your particular circumstances. If you've ordered our ceiling coving and are using ceramic tiles then I'd recommend you tile the walls first and then install the ceiling so that the decorative cove can go atop the fitted tiles, but if you're not using coving then it shouldn't matter.

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