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Bathroom flooring at amazing prices!

Here at IPSL, we understand that bathroom flooring must be chosen with a lot of care and consideration. The floor in your bathroom needs to be hygienic, safe, and fit in with the rest of your décor to finish off the perfect look.

The problem with traditional bathroom flooring options:

Tiles, laminate flooring and vinyl floors are popular choices for bathrooms, however, they come with a big problem – many of the traditional types of bathroom flooring that you’re probably used to aren’t always waterproof. This can lead to a huge range of issues; from slips and trips when getting out of the bath or shower to problems with the water damaging the floor and causing the need for an early replacement.

What’s the solution?

Here at IPSL, we are proud to offer Aquafloor, the first 100% waterproof laminate flooring solution for bathrooms. With a range of unique qualities that set it apart from the other options out there, Aquafloor looks and feels like traditional wooden laminate flooring, however, it contains no wood or fibres that could be susceptible to water damage.

With six beautiful wood effect décor choices on offer, Aquafloor can be used in any commercial or residential setting where waterproof flooring is required – it’s not just for bathrooms! What’s more; it’s easy to install by yourself, so you can say goodbye to costly installation fees. Aquafloor uses the same simple interlocking system as traditional laminate flooring, making it the perfect option for saving money with a DIY job. And, our expert team are always on hand to provide you with information and advice for getting the best results.

Bathroom flooring design options:

When it comes to design, Aquafloor is hugely versatile! Whether you’re hoping to achieve a sleek, modern finish in your bathroom or are opting for old-fashioned, vintage décor, this flooring is designed to fit in with almost any colour scheme or theme.

That isn’t all! When you purchase Aquafloor from IPSL, it comes complete with a ten-year warranty. We guarantee that Aquafloor will work for you – or you’ll get a free replacement or refund.

Get in touch with our team of friendly experts today for free no-obligation advice!

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Easy fit DIY bathroom flooring

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