Counthill School Cleans Up with Proclad

Counthill School was opened in 1951 and consists of approximately 1100 pupils, 80 teaching staff and around 60 support staff.

The buildings at Counthill are of the period, and like most similar facilities, they have used tiles throughout the toilet areas. Over time these have become chipped and broken; grouting has deteriorated and in some cases fallen out. Overall these areas had become unsightly, difficult to clean, and unhygienic.

Counthill needed to improve the areas and so Spire Construction were brought in to complete the works. Proclad uPVC Hygienic Cladding was chosen and fitted over the holiday closure period. They chose a pastel shade of blue, but pastel shades of cream, green, and grey are also available, all with matching fittings.

The resultant job is a fantastic appearance, very easy to clean, and importantly maintenance free!

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