See How We Completed Another Hygienic Cladding Project

From conception to completion: how a commercial cladding enquiry is transformed into a completed job

As the UK’s largest supplier of custom wall and ceiling cladding, we receive hundreds of enquiries every week. Many of these enquires will never make it beyond an initial email or telephone conversation, but a few will be taken to the next level and become a viable project. So how does the process work and how soon will your project reach completion?

Initial Enquiry

For most clients, the initial enquiry is a way of testing the water to see what kinds of products and service we offer. There is plenty of information on our website, but for bespoke jobs or projects in challenging environments, more information will inevitably be needed. Upon receipt of an enquiry, our team will happy to answer questions and provide further information, as required.

Design Consultation

Project design is a very important stage in the process. IPSL offer a number of different products, so it is essential that the right product is chosen. Cost will also be an issue, particularly for projects in the public sector, so as part of the design process a budget will need to be agreed upon. There may also be unique design elements to contend with, plus various fixtures and fittings to decide upon, which will take time. This stage is arguably the most important part of the process for decisions taken here will affect the work programme further down the line, so it is essential that all parties are happy.

Work Schedule

Once the client is happy with the design, the project is ready to move forward towards completion and a start date will be agreed with both the client and the contractors. Normally work would begin as soon as possible, but if we are required to work within special constraints (for example if we are installing hygienic wall cladding in a large commercial kitchen premises), we will have to work around the client’s work schedule. However, this is not a problem since we are always happy to accommodate our client’s needs and operate within their timescale. Sometimes a client’s situation changes and work has to be rescheduled at short notice, but don’t worry because our team is flexible enough to work around your needs.

Flexibility and Reliability

Once a project has been completed, we would expect the client to be 100% happy with the work. We always try and work quickly and efficiently, with as little disruption to the client’s premises as possible. Installation of our products is normally fast and completed with very little hassle, although a time frame will be agreed before work begins so the client can plan accordingly. And since our wall and ceiling cladding comes with a ten-year guarantee, hopefully this will be the last you see of us for quite some time.
IPSL has worked with a number of high profile clients over the years, all of who were very satisfied with the final result. So if you have a general query or you aren’t sure whether our products are suitable for your project, don’t delay—give is a call today to see how we can help you.

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