How To Abide By Health & Safety Regulations For Commercial Premises

How Wall Cladding Can Help Your Business Stay Hygienic and Fire Safe

Businesses and commercial operations have to fulfil their legal obligations to the letter. Commercial kitchens, food processing businesses, hospitals and the like, need to have hygienic and sanitary premises. They can’t afford to be lax about cleaning or they could be prosecuted or even shut down. Poor hygiene can lead to illnesses or even death, which is why buildings need to be properly fitted out. So what are the advantages of wall cladding over ceramic tiles or painted walls?

Why Must Businesses Be Compliant?

Health and safety regulations are there to protect employees and members of the public from coming to a sticky end. Sadly there are plenty of businesses out there that pay no attention to health and safety regulations whatsoever, but if you want to run a legitimate business, you need to be compliant with current health, hygiene and fire safety legislation. If you are not, it is only a matter of time before someone falls ill or you are prosecuted.

The Benefits of Wall Cladding

In a regular kitchen or bathroom, you probably wouldn’t give much thought to the walls, apart from hoping that they are sufficiently waterproof and damage resistant. You might use ceramic tiles to protect the walls, or even just give them a lick of paint. But in commercial premises, hygiene, cleanliness and fire safety are massive issues that you can’t ignore, and in this instance, hygienic cladding is the perfect solution.
Food hygiene – Wall cladding products such as Proclad meet all EU food hygiene regulations.
Easy cleaning – Quality wall cladding is smooth and therefore very easy to wipe down, clean and disinfect, which is invaluable for kitchens and medical premises.
Non-shedding – Painted surfaces shed microscopic particles, especially if the surface is damaged in some way. Quality wall cladding panels are made from a non-shedding material and are therefore an excellent choice for a food processing or hospital environment.
Fire ratings – Proclad and other high quality wall cladding materials are Class 0 and 1 Fire rated, which is ideal for commercial food premises (or any other type of commercial premises) where fire safety is essential.

Wall Cladding Options

Proclad is the best wall cladding solution for commercial premises. It is a made from high grade PVC and can be supplied in a range of different colours. Proclad comes in four different grades, which means all types of commercial premises are covered. Proclad can be used in commercial kitchens, canteens and even hospitals. Depending on the grade you choose, it offers antimicrobial and strength at low temperatures, plus it is Class 0 and 1 Fire Rated.

Fire Safety Compliance

Fire safety is very important in all public buildings and commercial premises. Building materials have to be fire resistant in order to conform to building regulations and fire safety legislation. After all, it would be pretty dangerous to have a commercial kitchen built from materials that were highly combustible. Proclad wall and ceiling panels are fire resistant when attached to a non combustible surface.
Wall and ceiling cladding panels can be used in all types of premises, commercial and domestic, but it is in the food processing or medical environment that they really come into their own, so if you are planning a re-fit, consider using Proclad.


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