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Proclad Colours

Proclad wall claddings are extremely popular among contractors and consumers for a variety of reasons. This is because they are:

  • 100% waterproof surfaces, meaning no more leaks
  • Completely grout free, meaning no more dirty or mouldy grout
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Fast, easy, and affordable to install
  • Durable and long lasting, with a 10-year guarantee
  • Designed to create less condensation than tiles
  • Fire rated, satisfying fire officer/building control, for peace of mind

Proclad Colour Features

Although white is the most popular and usually the go-to option for wall cladding, Proclad does offer its products in a wide range of colours to suit every consumer's preferences and needs. Therefore, no matter what your interior design or colour scheme looks like at your home or place of business, you can rest assured that the wall cladding you purchase will be able to blend in flawlessly and maintain the vibrancy or the tranquillity of the space.

In addition to having plenty of colour options, it's important to note that the wall cladding you choose will be coloured in a way that will make it appear flawless for years. The colour permeates through the product completely, so if any damage does occur to the surface, all that you'll see is more colour, thereby camouflaging the damage. In other words, even if it's scratched, your wall will still look great. The colour is solid and highly resistant to damage from impacts.

All colours have matching trims and coloured sealant for a beautiful finish. Choose from 2.44m x 1.22m or 3.05m x 1.22m sheets, along with a range of adhesives and trims.

Contact us today to learn more about Proclad wall cladding colour options and pick the one that's best for your environment.

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