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Proclad Hypergrade, the only choice for
antimicrobial PVC hygienic wall and ceiling cladding

Meets ALL UK Commercial Regulations
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Unique construction materials are a means of satisfying the ever increasing regulatory requirements placed on hygiene standards in food processing areas, hospitals, medical facilities, commercial kitchens, abattoirs etc.

Setting the standards a new PVC sheet option Proclad Hyper Grade has been thoroughly researched and developed to inhibit the spread of bacteria. Proclad Hyper Grade contains a silver glass matrix which provides dual biostatic and biocidal action and stops bacterial growth and kills bacteria on the sheet. As the matrix is spread out evenly throughout the sheet, its effectiveness is retained, even if the surface becomes worn or abraded. Proclad Hyper Grade is suitable for use in hygienically demanding applications which require its antimicrobial action. It can be easily cleaned with typical non abrasive cleaning products.
  • Safe active, anti-microbial function
  • Long lasting effect of the antimicrobial agent
  • Retains the anti-microbial properties even in fabrication
  • Resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • Impact Resistant
  • Tested to ISO 22196
  • Easily Bonded
  • Lightweight
  • Withstands frequent cleaning
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Ideally suited for high medical care areas
Silver ions are incorporated into the bulk of the PVC mixture before the extrusion process, and improve the already existing microbial activity of rigid PVC sheet. The sheet now kills a wide variety of micro organisms on contact and stops growth.

Active Antimicrobial Ingredients

Proclad Hyper Grade is ideal for high care zones which must be controlled from the spread of viruses and infections and to create the ultimate hygienic food preparation areas. The active antimicrobial protection kills microbes; it inhibits any growth and as a result leads to the added benefit of low maintenance requirements. Chemical Resistance Proclad Hyper Grade has excellent resistance to most chemicals including dilute acids and alkalis, alcohols, glycols, atmospheric pollutants and most cleaning solutions. Contact with solvents and wet wood preservatives should be avoided. It does not corrode or rot and is not attacked by pests. Service Temperature The service temperature range of Proclad Hyper Grade is -5°C to +60°C. Greater care should be taken when working with PVC sheet at lower temperatures: PVC is less resistant to impact damage at lower temperatures. It should not be installed near heat sources such as cookers and heating boilers as these could cause distortion and damage. Fire Performance Proclad Hyper Grade PVC cladding achieves Class 1Y surface spread of flame when attached to a non-combustible substrate and tested to BS 476: Part 7. Class 0 performance is also achieved by thicknesses of 2mm and above. Contact our technical department for most up to date information.

Ideal for medical, laboratory and food processing applications


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