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Can I use Aquabord panels on a ceiling application?


Aquabord panels are not easy to fit to ceilings.


I am installing a steam / shower room for a customer and need to line ceiling with something that is suitable for steam, Will the aqua board laminate panel be OK to stick on ceiling?


  • Written By Alan
    Thanks for contacting us Paul. We do not normally recommend that Aquabord panels be used on ceilings, simply because of their size. The panels are 1200x2400x10mm - in old money about 8ft by 4ft, this makes them very difficult to lift and hold in place while the adhesive sets - we do have adhesive that will do the job but the panels would need to be propped firmly to the ceiling for several hours. Instead I suggest that you consider our range of ceiling panels, these are narrower and lighter and have been designed so that they can be fixed with hidden screws.
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