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 bathroom cladding

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Choose from bathroom wall panels, shower kits, ceiling panels or flooring:
panelling for bathrooms pvc bathroom wall panels" />
Wall Panels
waterproof bathroom wall panels
Our Hygienic, Waterproof Bathroom Wall Panels are Mould Free, Scratch Resistant and have a 10 Year Warranty
  bathroom cladding
Aquabord Laminate
panelling for bathrooms
Aquabord PVC
pvc bathroom wall panels
Used for Walls Walls Walls & Ceilings
Size (W x H) 1200 x 2400mm 1000 x 2400mm 250 x 2700mm*
Thickness 10mm 10.5mm 8 or 10mm
Solid/Hollow Solid w/ Foam Core Hollow Section Hollow Section
Tongue & Groove No
waterproof bathroom wall panels
bathroom wall panels
Separate Joint Trim
bathroom cladding
No No
Scratch Resistance Very High Good Good

panelling for bathrooms
Aquaclad Long
pvc bathroom wall panels
waterproof bathroom wall panels
Used for Ceilings Walls Walls
Size (W x H) 250 x 6000mm 650 x 375mm 1220 x 2440mm
Thickness 10mm 5mm 2.5mm
Solid/Hollow Hollow Section Solid Solid
Tongue & Groove
bathroom wall panels
bathroom cladding
Separate Joint Trim No No
bathroom cladding
Scratch Resistance Good Good High
How to Buy: pvc bathroom wall panels waterproof bathroom wall panels bathroom wall panels bathroom cladding panelling for bathrooms

pvc bathroom wall panelsChoose Your Design

Colour IPSL Product
Stone Aquabord Laminate or Aquabord PVC or Aquaclad PVC
Marble Aquabord Laminate or Aquabord PVC or Aquaclad PVC
Travertine Aquabord Laminate or Aquabord PVC or Aquaclad PVC
White Gloss Aquabord Laminate or Aquabord PVC or Aquaclad PVC
White Satin Aquabord Long or Aquabord PVC
Mosaic Aquaclad
Woodgrain Aquaclad
Stone-look Tiles Aquaclad or Aquawall
Solid Colours Proclad or Mermaid Kits

waterproof bathroom wall panels

Choose Your Product

Product Uses and Benefits
Aquabord Laminate Gives you a stunning high quality scratch resistent finish with a luxury feel
Aquabord PVC Offers stylish good looks with an easy tongue-and-groove installation system
Aquaclad PVC Narrow width toungue-&-groove wall panels for really easy installation and come in a huge range of finishes at a great value price
Aquaclad Long Long and narrow for ceilings or high walls. They come in whute only, in matt, gloss, satin or woodgrain finish
Aquawall Tile Panels Have an integral grout line for the look of tiles, without the fiddly installation or mould issues
Proclad Is the wall cladding used by professionals and comes in a range of bright solid colours
Aquafloor Planks and tiles slot together like traditional laminate flooring but are designed for wet conditions
Mermaid Comes as a kit and offers bright solid colours for showers and bathrooms

All are available to buy as a kit with all the joints, trims, sealants, fixings and adhesives, or you can buy all the items individually.

bathroom wall panels

Select Your Panels

Measure your walls and order sufficient panels for the area required. The size of each panel is clearly shown on the product page. If you would like us to work out how many panels you need, then please give us a call on 0114 2799 188

bathroom cladding

Add Trims and Fixings

Add the right quantity of edge trims, joint trims, corner trims, fixings, seals and adhesive. The products you need are shown in the installation/ technical info section at the bottom of each product page, or phone us for advice on 0114 2799 188

panelling for bathrooms

Install Using Simple DIY Skills

Panels are very easy to install. Simply attach fixing trims to the walls with adhesive or screws, then attach panels to the fixing trims. Finally apply finishing trims and sealant and you’re done.

pvc bathroom wall panels

Our bathroom panels are unbeatable quality, that’s why they have a 10 year guarantee.

With our high-quality Bathroom Wall Panels, you can save money right now. We provide a large selection of panelling for bathrooms available at reasonable rates and quick delivery to help you create your perfect bathroom. Our PVC bathroom wall panels are both practical and stylish, and they're made to stand out. The waterproof Bathroom Cladding is high-performing, hygienic, low-maintenance, and significantly less work than tiles.

If you're searching for a low-cost paneling for bathrooms that also gives your bathroom a fresh look, go with bathroom wall panels without any doubt.

PVC Bathroom Claddings - Wide Range Of Colours, Patterns & Styles

PVC Bathroom Cladding is a fantastic way to completely transform your bathroom for a fraction of the cost of tiling. It's much more manageable than tiling, so most people with basic DIY skills can do panelling for bathrooms themselves and save money on tradesman fees. You can browse thousands of products with different colours, patterns, and styles for PVC Bathroom Wall Panels at our online store IPSL.

With bathroom wall panels whether you want to create a tranquil environment or go for a more dramatic contemporary design, you'll find a waterproof PVC wall panel in our collection. The fitting of PVC bathroom wall panels is quick and straightforward, resulting in a smooth finish and eliminating the chance of mould formation. Our bathroom wall panelings are available in several widths and lengths, and bathroom cladding is at least 50% faster and less expensive to install than standard tiles.

Family bathrooms, guest bathrooms, utility rooms, indoor swimming pools, and changing rooms are just a few places where our waterproof bathroom wall panels or bathroom cladding are recommended.

Waterproof PVC Bathroom Wall Panels - Get Best Deals at IPSL

Our Bathroom Cladding is highly cost-effective. Panelling for bathrooms is durable hygiene and interior design option with long-lasting performance and breathtaking beauty. We've been in the bathroom wall panels business for many years, delivering pleased customers throughout the country.

This broad wall panel selection includes entirely waterproof bathroom options to assist you in achieving an opulent, trendy, and yet functional look. Bathroom claddings are less expensive than tiles, and you can call our experts today for FREE product, installation, and cost advice with 100% No Obligation on 0114 2799188. Visit IPSL today to get the best deals on Bathroom wall panels or wall kits online.

Bathroom Wall Panel FAQ’s

Are Bathroom wall panels watertight? 

Yes, they are. Our wall panelling for bathrooms offers a waterproof seal if they have been properly fitted. These are the ideal substitute for surfaces like tiles because they are so much simpler to clean.

How to Fit Bathroom Cladding? 

The PVC bathroom wall panels only need to be cut to the height of your Bathroom, then inserted one into the other, nailed, stapled, or glued as you go. Cladding can also be installed over tile or rough plaster that already exists. Although if you need any professional help, you can call our experts today for FREE product installation.

Why Are Bathroom Wall Panels Better Than Tiles?

Tiles are pricey to buy initially, and you almost always need an expert to install them. Because tiles are more delicate than other building materials, if one breaks, you will need to reinstall it on the wall, fitting it around the existing tiles. 

On the other hand, Shower Panels are substantially less expensive to buy and replace if they break because most panels are constructed of PVC or water-resistant MDF. 

Can Bathroom Wall Panels Be Installed On Ceilings?

As long as the wall panel size is smaller than 30mm, it can be used on ceilings. 

What Do You Mean By Easy Tongue-And-Groove Installation?

The panels' design to hold together is known as tongue and groove. One panel has a grove and a tongue on one side, which clips together, with a silicone line inside the grove. The finish can be impenetrable because of the tongue and interlocking groove system 

What Are Mermaid Panels?

When it comes to producing wall panels and bathroom wall panels, Mermaid is one of the most well-known brands. Mermaid Wall Panels are appropriate for two- or three-sided shower enclosures and assure long-term performance. All the alternatives in our premium line are waterproof, making cleaning them simple.

What Are The Types of The Bathroom Wall Panels?

Bathroom wall panels come in various types Aquabord Laminate, Aquabord PVC, Aquaclad PVC, Aquaclad Long, Aquawall Tile Panels, Proclad, Aquafloor, and Mermaid. You can purchase each part separately or as a kit that includes all the joints, trimmings, sealants, fasteners, and adhesives.