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Can any of your panels be fitted onto timber rafters to create a ceiling?


You can use our Aquaclad narrow T&G panels to create flat, flush ceilings that are 100% waterproof.


Have you got any panels that could be fixed onto timber rafters in a bedroom? This would be a false ceiling below the actual ceiling.


  • Written By Dan

    Yes, our Aquaclad narrow tongue-and-groove panels could be fixed to rafters to create a ceiling. These are long, narrow, tongue-and-groove (T&G) PVC ceiling panels.

    You would run these in the direction opposed to the direction the rafters run in i.e. if your rafters run top to bottom, the panels would run left to right. Then you would screw the panels to the rafters at the point where they overlap.

    We recommend that the panels are screwed into the rafters every 30 to 50cm. If your rafters are too far apart for this, you would be best fitting battens and then screwing our panels to these.

    Because these panels are T&G, the best way to fix these is to use flat head screws. When you fit the first panel, screw it through the groove section. Then when you come to fit the tongue section of the next panel, it will slot in over the head of the screw and cover it over. You’d repeat this until your entire ceiling is done. Then the finished ceiling would look flush, flat, and no screw heads would be visible.

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