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Can we clad your panels directly onto tiles?


Can we clad your panels directly onto tiles?


Currently the back wall is tiled ( stud wall behind ). Our bathroom installer says he will have to remove the tiles and backing plaster board, and replace with new board, then re skim, before we can put your panels onto the wall. Is this correct? The tiles are firmly attached, and clean. So why can he not attach your panels to the tiles, please? Thanks - John


  • Written By Alan Matchett

    Hello John, thanks for getting in touch.

    If the tiled surface is flat, solid and dry, with no loose tiles, then you will be able to clad our panels directly to them. The entire area you wish to clad will need to be tiled, as if there is a lowered section without tiles that you also want to panel, that won't work - the panels need to go onto an entirely flat surface.

    If the tiles are ceramic and quite glossy, you may wish to sand them down first to help create a key for the adhesive. If the condition of the tiles isn't great, then you would be best fitting onto new plasterboard, but this doesn't necessarily need skimming - again, so long as the substrate is flat, solid and dry, you can clad these panels to most surfaces using our adhesive.

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