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Fitting IPSL Panels on and around existing tiles


I have a shower cubicle 2 sided and the tiles are too difficult to keep clean.


1. Can I put the boards on top of tiles? 2. Can I put the boards half way up as the tiles on the top half look good and do you supply size to fit? 3. Are the boards fully waterproof? - Alison


  • Written By Dan
    Hi Alison. You can certainly clad our panels to tiles, providing that they're flat, dry and none of them are loose. If they're particularly glossy it may be worth sanding them down beforehand to allow the adhesive to key. Make sure the surface is free from film, dirt, wax or any residue and remove any wallpaper or coverings (although it's not likely you'd have any on top of tiles anyway). You certainly can put the boards halfway up - we'd recommend that you use a capping/edge trim along the top (exposed) length of the panel to maintain waterproofing. If you were to do this then the panels would be 100% waterproof. Our panels come in standard sizes as advertised - we can't cut them to size for you, but they are extremely easy to cut.
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