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Can I clad to existing tiles in an already finished and fitted shower enclosure?


Shower installation project onto existing tiled, finished shower area.


My shower is already complete & tiled - can I fit any of your boards over the existing shower fittings without removing them first? Reason for asking is your panels are quite thick & if I fit the panels underneath my existing fittings then I don't believe the threads on the fittings are long enough to allow for this! Also if I fit the panels on top of the existing fittings will I be able to seal them completely to prevent water ingress? Can I also fit shower caddies etc. on top of your panels please? Thanks.


  • Written By Alan Matchett
    Hi Simon, Many thanks for your question. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘threads’ on the fittings! If your shower enclosure / screen is already nicely fitted and you don’t want to take it all off and put it on again, then you can clad our panels directly to the existing tiles. The only issue might be where the edges and pieces of the fittings (which I think might be what you mean by ‘threads’?) jut up to the edge of our panels – if those fittings aren’t flat and don’t meet plumb with the panel edges, you would have some grooves that would be awkward to clean in the future. It might be worth considering using some of our Proclad panels. These particular ones are only 2.5mm thick so wouldn’t add too much more thickness onto the existing tiled area. They’re solid uPVC and 100% waterproof. If the tiles you’re cladding to are ceramic, and particularly glossy, you would be better served sanding them down first to help create a key for the adhesive. You can fit shower units, holders, rails etc. through the panels and into the subwall underneath – it would need to be the substrate that takes the load of any items fitted, as the panels are designed only to clad the walls, not form wall structures in their own right i.e. they’re not load-bearing.
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