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Gap for silicone at bottom of shower panels?


Gap for silicone at bottom of shower panels?


Your instructions say a 3 mm gap is needed between shower tray top edge and bottom of panel. They also say that silicone sealant not needed to be visible when using Cladseal. Does this mean that the 3mm gap is not needed when using Cladseal?


  • Written By Alan
    Hi TimYes, if you are using the optional cladseal in conjunction with the Aquabord, you do not need to leave a 3mm gap for the silicone sealant. We do have an separate instruction guide for the cladseal alone which i will email across to you. With the cladseal, the sealant is concealed and protected inside the trim, while the silicone bond-breaker tape releases the sealant off the trim for flexibility.
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