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How are panels joined together and what trims are available?


What trims are available for our panels?


Hi I need some information please, could you tell me how the panels are joined together,and what happens when with the corners,also is it easy to cut to shape and is it glued to the wall.I live on the Isle of Wight would there be a problem with delivery?


  • Written By Alan
    Hi Hazel,Our ceiling panels, narrow pvc panels and our Aquabord PVC panels all join together tongue and groove, so do not require a joint profile. The Aquabord Laminate panels however, have a square edge therefore a joint profile would be used with them.- With the corners, you can use a multifunctional corner (for internal and external 90 degree angles), or an Auqabord 2 Part Internal corner (plant on right angles are also available for external angles).- You can cut all of the panels with a fine tooth handsaw.- Also, all the panels can be glued with our PU adhesive.- The carriers do deliver to the Isle of Wight, we could get a quote for the delivery from them if you wished.
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