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Wall height of IPSL panels


Please see full question and answer below. Our wall panels come in a variety of heights and widths - for measurements, please see the relevant product page on our website.


Do the plastic panels go floor to ceiling when you put the bath in or do you cut them down? - Andy


  • Written By Dan
    Hi Andy, thanks for your query. It depends on the height of your bathroom and in what order you choose to fit everything. Many people order wall panels for existing baths and showers, and so clad the area between the bath shelf and the ceiling only (i.e. they don't take the bath itself out to fit the panels). So if you wanted to fit the bath first, and then fit the panels above the bath and run them up to the ceiling, that wouldn't be an issue. Likewise, if you'd like to fit the panels to the full length of the wall and then install the bath tub, that wouldn't be an issue (this might be a more practical solution for some bathrooms e.g. if the bath itself is an awkward shape) but please bear in mind that these panels are not meant to be load-bearing, so while a bath wouldn't be an issue, a corresponding handrail, for example, should be attached to the walls through the panel, not the panel itself. In terms of cutting, all our panels can easily be cut. Use a good quality cutting utensil such as an electric jigsaw with >1mm pitch, or a junior hacksaw with >15 teeth per inch.
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