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What do I need to do with my tiled walls? How flat does my subwall need to be for me to clad to it?


I would like to refit my bathroom. The bathroom currently has tiled walls. There was a wall separating the WC from the bath and wash basin which I have taken out. This has left a area of ceiling with no plaster and a section of wall on both sides of the room.


How smooth and flat do my walls have to be to use your wall and ceiling products? Can the wall panels be fitted over tiled walls, or do the tiles have to be removed and the wall made good before fitting the panels? If I'm fitting both wall and ceiling panels, which would have to be installed first? - Gordon


  • Written By Dan

    Hello Gordon, thanks for your question.

    You’d need to clad our panels to a flat, solid, dry subwall surface on every occasion.

    This can be a tiled wall - so long as the tiled surface you're looking to clad to is flat, tiled all the way up, and has no loose tiles. If the surface is only tiled part way up, then you'll have a 'lowered' section where there are no tiles. This wouldn't work – you'd either have to remove the tiles, or 'fill in' the lowered section so it was level with the tiled section.

    If the wall area is completely tiled then you shouldn't have any problems, so long as there are no loose or missing tiles. If they're ceramic tiles that are particularly glossy you may be best served sanding them down first so as to help create a key for the adhesive.

    If you’re fitting both wall and ceiling panels then technically you can do this in either order, but I would recommend you fit the wall panels first, and then the ceiling panels with the ceiling coving afterward.

    If there’s anything else that I might be able to do for you, please feel free to get in touch.

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