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Video Tutorial: Installing Cladseal for PVC Wall Panels

Watch our Video Tutorial – Installing Cladseal for PVC Shower Wall Panels

Everybody has tried a bit of DIY in the past and been put off by certain tasks which might seem too difficult to try without expert help. The good news is that with today’s technology you can find an astonishing amount of information online including many helpful tutorial videos. We’ve selected this video to show you how you can install Cladseal for PVC shower wall panels yourself without splashing out on expensive labour charges.

DIY online

DIY videos are now prolific on social media sites and across the internet making it really easy for any enthusiast to learn a great deal about installing products from the comfort of their own home. The craze shows no signs of slowing down either. In this tough economic climate it’s important for people to save cash whenever they can especially in the home. The housing market is on life support and any home maintenance savings you can make will benefit you in the long run.

Even as long as 10 years ago you would have struggled to find information online as in depth as it is today. YouTube has only been around since 2005 but who could imagine life without it now? It’s not just video either. You can visit forums for tips and advice from experts for free and join groups where you can share knowledge with industry professionals. Be smart and you can really save.

What is Cladseal?

Cladseal installed in your shower or bath creates a watertight seal to prevent water leaking and causing damage to your room and property. Cladseal is hygienic, easy to clean, looks great, is easy to maintain and as you can see from the tutorial video, simple to install. Cladseal is installed between the wall panel and the ledge and can be installed quickly if you have the right tools and do the right amount of preparation, as the video demonstrates.

Cladseal makes for an attractive and clean looking modern bathroom or commercial washroom. It is perfect for installing in combination with wall cladding around showers and baths and will immeasurably improve the look of your bathroom. You can buy Cladseal PVC Wall Panels from IPSL here and use the video above to install it in your bathroom yourself. Take the plunge! The more you learn the more you save!


Top Tips On How To Maintain A Spotless Washroom

Top tips on how to maintain a spotless washroom with plastic wall cladding.

How hygienic is your bathroom or washroom? Keeping your bathroom clean and tidy is vital for your personal health and wellbeing and that of your employees. Germs can hide in all sorts of places and they especially prefer and environment which is warm and moist to breed. With that in mind it is easy to see why the common bathroom is a haven for all types of nasty bacteria which can cause numerous forms of illness if you don’t keep the area clean. Studies have shown that a dirty bathroom sink can host more bacteria than the toilet and that many types of bacteria can grow on any bathroom surface, including your walls and ceilings including the common Streptococci bacteria which causes sore throats, infections and fevers. The implications for businesses are even more severe. You could be leaving yourself open to litigation if you are seen to be irresponsible with hygiene requirements so don’t take the risk.

It’s not all about health however. A dirty looking bathroom is sure to put off anyone who visits your home and can even lower the value of it. The fact remains that we spend an awful lot of time in our bathrooms and as a result we should look after them. Mouldy bathroom tiles and walls are an eye-sore yet a surprisingly familiar sight for a lot of homeowners. Mould is caused by excess condensation in your bathroom and can turn from a small spot to large growth in next to no time.

If your bathroom tiles have been taken over by a colony of mouldy bacteria it might be time for a change. Plastic wall cladding in your bathroom could solve many of your problems. When a mould infection takes hold you will need to clean an area three times as large in order to fully decontaminate the surface. Bathroom tiles are notoriously difficult to clean and mould will easily infect the grouting between the tiles. Retiling is an expensive option and not a long term solution. Plastic wall cladding is smooth and easy to clean which means you can effectively remove bacteria and keep the area contaminant free.

Bathroom mould lives off organic materials and importantly, water. If you remove one of these the mould cannot survive. Water easily passes over plastic wall cladding leading to drier surfaces and less chance of infection. Plastic wall cladding is excellent for bathrooms, shower enclosures and washrooms and can be a perfect solution.

Our Proclad plastic wall cladding is suitable for commercial kitchens, canteen walls, hospitals, fast food outlets and changing areas and meets all EU Food Hygiene regulations. Plastic wall cladding is cost-effective too. Get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements.


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