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A History Of Kitchen Design

The kitchen has changed considerably over the last century. If you are thinking about redesigning your kitchen, you may want to find out more about designs over previous decades in order to influence your own design, so here is a guide to kitchens over the years.

The 1920s kitchen was very clean because people were becoming more conscious of the need for better sanitation. Many kitchens were completely white as a result. Purpose made features such as built-in spice racks also became popular during this decade.

Electric appliances started to appear in the 1930s, including toasters. Most kitchens were also now fully plumbed. The focus was on simple and functional kitchens, but splashes of colour and style were added to them. Cabinets were painted brightly, and light colour palettes were common.

The 1940s kitchen was more sparse than the previous decade. The war years were not a time to show off, and ostentatious designs were out. Instead, the kitchen became a simple and functional place.

The kitchen suddenly became one of the main rooms in the home during this decade. Fun, bold colours came in, and floral wallpaper became popular. As technology improved, more kitchen gadgets became affordable. Non-stick Teflon pans appeared, and chrome became very common. Playful splash backs were also introduced, as well as black-and-white flooring.

Autumnal colours were the main style in the 1960s, and minimalism began to influence interior design. This was a more experimental decade, and as a result the home and kitchen became a place to try out new things. Wood panelling took off, and floral prints were everywhere.

Vinyl flooring was big during the decade, as were cabinets made from dark wood. Browns and yellows were the in colours, and it was important that items of furniture matched and were made from the same materials.

The 1980s kitchen was well equipped with dishwashers, extractor hoods and various other appliances. During this decade, the kitchen became a focal point of the home and a place to socialise rather than just to eat meals. Open-plan designs also took off in a big way.

The 1990s kitchen was more understated compared to the previous decade. It remained a social space and became larger, with breakfast bars appearing. Minimalism took off, and storage that concealed appliances became popular. Softer colours and a more neutral look were considered fashionable.

The kitchen took even more of a leading role in the house during this decade, and dedicated dining rooms became less common, with open plan kitchen-dining-family rooms becoming more common. Kitchen islands became even more popular, and granite worktops and stainless steel appliances were everywhere.

In today’s world, the kitchen is considered to be the most important room in the house by many people. With larger open plan designs popular, kitchens are used for a range of purposes; from entertaining guests to relaxing with the family. A range of high quality worktop materials and modern, professional grade products like hygienic wall cladding are now available in a huge choice of styles enabling homeowners to create personalised, stylish spaces that are easy to maintain.

As you can see, kitchens have changed considerably over the last century. Many people like to take inspiration from previous decades when designing their own kitchens, picking out their favourite features and combining for an individual and eclectic style.

So have a think about which design features you might want to use in your own kitchen; be inspired by the past but also take advantage of the best of modern design.

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