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Ten Effective Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Ten Effective Ways To Add Value To Your Home | IPSLuk

If you are planning to sell your home at some point, it can make a lot of sense to make a few changes that can add more value to it. Some changes are fairly inexpensive, whereas some cost a lot – but the results can be worth it when you sell your house.

Build An Extension

Extensions are the perfect way to add value to your property, and one of the most obvious. By adding an extra room that can be used in any way, you will also be adding more space, and this will nearly always add value. Just make sure you get planning permission first.

Install an En-Suite Bathroom

It is almost impossible to go wrong when adding an en-suite, particularly with a view to boosting the value of your property. The amount it will add compared to its cost may vary depending on materials. Look for high quality yet cost effective and easy to install materials like modern bathroom wall panels to achieve the wow factor without breaking the bank.

Add A Parking Space

An extra parking space is a great way to increase value in a family home. Many households now have more than one car, so private space for parking vehicles is often desirable. This can be invaluable, particularly if off-street parking is in short supply in the area, and can be rented out if you don’t need it yourself.

Construct A New Conservatory

A conservatory can essentially add another room to your home. As long as it is attractive and matches the style of your property, it can be a great idea. A popular alternative is to install an orangery, or an extension that combines glazed and solid walls and ceilings, so it is more comfortable all year round.

Get A Loft Conversion

Turn storage space into liveable space by getting a loft conversion. These are not cheap, but they are not too disruptive as a project when you are living in the property. Good loft conversions can add significant value, particularly if used to add an extra bedroom or guest suite to the property.

Install A New Kitchen

A new kitchen is one of the most popular refurbishment projects in UK homes. So bringing a tired kitchen up to date will certainly help to give your property an advantage should you be looking to sell. But even if you’re not, property consultants Movewithus estimate a new kitchen will add around 6% to the value of the property so it can make a good investment.

Open It Up

Knock down a wall to open up more space, perhaps between the kitchen and dining room or living room, and you could add value to your home. Modern families are increasingly demanding light, spacious, open plan living areas and as much usable space as possible. But be careful – converting two bedrooms into one larger room is not always the right decision.

Install Double Glazing

Home buyers love double glazing and is something that a lot of people would expect to have as standard. It will make the property more comfortable and help them so make savings on their heating bills, so it’s a good way to add instant value.

Tidy The Front Garden

Another very cheap and effective way to add value is to tidy up the front garden. An attractive garden makes a good first impression, so clear it up, repair any broken paving stones, get rid of weeds and brighten it up with some attractive plants for an instant boost in curb appeal.

Get A Basement Conversion

A basement conversion is one of the most expensive types of conversions, but it can add a lot of value to your property. It may not be worth it for cheaper buildings, but for a more expensive property it could be a good option, particularly in built up areas where extending outwards may not be an option.

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